Snuffy LIVE!!!

Snuffy performed live for the first time in over a decade at the brand new Borders Books & Music in Westchester, Calif. Snuffy played to a packed house on the occasion of the store’s grand opening on March 9th. His band included industry veterans, Bennett Salvay (Keyboards – The Wallflowers, Brian Setzer Orchestra), George Doering (Guitar/Keyboards – American Beauty and The Green Mile soundtracks), Lenny Castro (Percussion – Bette Midler, Stevie Wonder) and Dean Parks (Guitar – Barbara Streisand, Steely Dan). The band did a 45-minute set that featured many of the songs from his new release as well as a tune called “Begging For Sex,” from the “thirtysomething” soundtrack. Snuffy capped the evening by meeting with many of the fans who attended, signing numerous copies of his new CD.

Said Snuffy after the set, “What I love the most about doing live gigs is the opportunity to interact with people in an intimate and immediate way. I had forgotten how much fun it was to play live shows, even though it was my gig for 25 years. I was a bit nervous for the first 30 seconds or so, but then it was as comfortable as putting on an old shoe. I can’t wait to do it again.”

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