Sounds and Soundtracks of W.G. ‘Snuffy’ Walden

Almost everyone is familiar with the intro theme of NBC’s hit television series The West Wing. Fewer people, however, know about William Garrett ‘Snuffy’ Walden, the composer who wrote the catchy music that accompanied the iconic TV show.

This website pays homage to ‘Snuffy’ Walden – his life, his times, and his highly recognizable music. Here, television aficionados can read a detailed biography of this prolific composer, along with reviews and commentary on all of his best-known work.

From Louisiana to Los Angeles

Snuffy was born in 1950 in the southern US state of Louisiana and spent much of his later youth in the nearby state of Texas. In the late 1960s, the up-and-coming musician put himself through college by playing guitar in a local strip club.

In 1975, he moved to Los Angeles, where he made a name for himself playing guitar alongside musical celebrities such as Stevie Wonder and Donna Summer. Only ten years later, he was tapped to compose the soundtrack for the hit TV series Thirtysomething, which ran on ABC from 1987 to 1991.

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Life after Thirtysomething

Snuffy went on to compose the music for several popular pre-millennium TV shows, including Roseanne, The Wonder Years and My So-Called Life, among others. In 2000, he won an Emmy Award for the work he did on The West Wing soundtrack.

All of Snuffy’s most beloved compositions are available at this site, where readers are invited to take a sentimental journey back to the simpler world of 1990s-era prime-time TV.